The way to take on your professional challenges.

By its coaching method, based on a systemic and strategic approach, AltitudeS will help you in finding and implementing efficient solutions.


  • Confronted with strategic, operational and management options, you struggle to establish your priorities
  • You wish to improve your leadership, your communication
  • It is hard for you to delegate, pause, deal with certain emotions
  • Personal problems are affecting your professional performance


  • Interpersonal conflicts make cooperation between services impossible
  • Decision making at the level of the Board of directors is delayed
  • Since the merger, your team is demotivated
  • Certain people are subject to harassment


  • What you do makes no – or no more- sense
  • The enterprise is evolving : your job doesn’t exist anymore, you have to reinvent yourself
  • You are craving for change : you know – or don’t – what you would like to do, but not how to achieve it
  • You are threatened by exhaustion, burnout or demotivation

To us, gaining altitude means:

starting from your potential and your competences

working out innovative and efficient solutions

enabling you to solve your problems on your own

If you can go along with these objectives, then AltitudeS is your partner.