You want to…

  • Clarify your entrepreneurial project by redefining it, gain altitude
  • Reinforce your leadership, your communication
  • Improve time and emotional management
  • Delegate more, favour negotiation

Altitudes’ input

  • An innovative, result-oriented approach
  • An alternative problem-solving strategy
  • Tools responding to your needs to improve performance
  • A supported implementation of concrete measures
You are confronted with difficult situations where the solutions implemented, though logical, do not work. Such solutions sometimes result in a paradoxical situation : rather than doing away with the problem, they feed it, or even aggravate it, as they are not adapted to the context.

Using a strategic approach, AltitudeS supports you in problem-solving.


  • Problems encountered
  • Actors to be taken into account in that situation
  • Measures implemented, which do not work
  • Objectives and concrete success indicators
  • Deadlines, risks and specific stakes in that context
  • Identify all factors generating a dysfunctional situation…and feeding it continuously, thus contributing to make it last
  • Formulate new strategies based on other ways to solve problems
  • Explore changes of perception
  • Test new positionings : situation, communication
  • Checking whether the solution is adequate
  • Assessing its impact
  • Facing unforeseen circumstances
  • Marking the near future
The main thrust of our intervention consists in creating or restoring relational flexibility between the actors so as to improve their performance.Truly, you can’t change the character of people. But it is always possible to build up a new relation via a different positioning.Based on emotional and relational intelligence, this new dynamic allows the implementation of an efficient strategy.

Some case stories

Nicolas was caught by surprise when his friend and partner since 10 years in their domotics company experienced a burnout and stated his intention to resell his shares to him without delay. Labour had been divided for years between them : Nicolas dealt with the development strategy and the commercial aspects of the company whereas Vincent was managing the team. During the coaching, Nicolas redefined his assignments, developed his leadership, changed his time management in order to reorganize his enterprise, and put a new delegation of tasks in place.
Nathalie felt the need to protect her team after the merger, which had taken place three years before with a United States based company. She tried to preserve the autonomy which had existed before by acting as a buffer between the board’s new demands about profitability and the need for independence of her team, which until then had been accustomed to account only for the the results. She found herself torn apart, exposed to repetitive outbursts of dissatisfaction of each of the protagonists : the board did not get the information requested and the team felt gradually more and more demotivated by lack of recognition. During the coaching, she learnt how to render her team more independent…from her support. To her great surprise, expectations got clarified, methods were adapted, and she was able devote her energy to improving the management rather than to managing dissatisfaction.
Laurent had difficulties in motivating his team about the changes he deemed indispensable in order to allow the company to adapt : every time he was presented with the drawbacks, he demonstrated how much he was right. The more he demonstrated, the more the others remained silent, and…resisted. Strategic support allowed him to change his communication, and to start implementing the change via fresh positionings.
Sophie asked herself whether to launch a last fundraising action in order to relaunch her plummeting activity by betting on a quality improvement, or whether time had not come to leave this sector aside so as to diversify her offer on other market segments : she was analyzing advantages and drawbacks on Excell tables but couldn’t make up her mind. Strategic support enabled her to open up other perspectives than the terms of this apparently single alternative, and she could then take differentiated decisions in response to varying circumstances.
Vincent was in charge of international communication in a big oil company. Feeling usually perfectly at ease in public, he suddenly was overwhelmed by a panic wave during a crucial presentation to the shareholders. Since, every presentation turned into a nightmare : the more he panicked, the more he prepared himself, and the less he managed to recover his past skillfulness. Coaching allowed him to both face his fears and to define another working method.
“When I first consulted Joëlle, I had lost reference points, confidence and inspiration. I was managing my company without visibility or vision. Through reflection and introspection, and combining delicacy and encouragement, she guided me and helped me to trace the dysfunctional elements in my approach. Thus she handed out to me the tools enabling me today to find solutions and responses in a harmonious and serene state of mind.”
R. Saragossi, CEO Mobelsa