You want to…

  • Getting what you do to make sense again
  • Stay in tune with a changing company and find a new job
  • Go forward : you know what you would like to do, but not how to get to it
  • Change : you don’t want to stay in your job but don’t know what else to do
  • Find an alternative which will allow you to overcome your exhaustion or your demotivation
With evolving technologies and mentalities, a career does not anymore unfold itself in the framework of a single post; a significant part of the active population has already changed its professional path. Career reconversion is a way which often leads to great satisfaction : it allows indeed to find one’s way but also implies taking some risks, experiencing a process of commitment and maturation.

At every step of the process, AltitudeS offers a tailor-made support, under a fresh and benevolent view, which is both encouraging and challenging you.

Objective : to enable you to reach the Altitude which will suit you.

Input by AltitudeS

Some case stories

Michael was questioning the reorientation of his business (a travel agency organizing alternative trips to Asia), the turnover of which had been plummeting during the last years. During the coaching, he was able to decide whether to adapt his practice, or to switch to another occupation.
Sophie was working as a lawyer in European law in a large merchant bank taken over by a Swiss bank. She was offered to go on working, but in Geneva and in Swiss law. The coaching enabled her to decide to negotiate her leaving the bank rather than to give up a domain which was thrilling her.
Marie-Laure had been near to breakdown and had cumulated physiological affections since almost two years : headache, aching back, illnesses, nervousness. She had been working for ten years in a large multinational. Since three years, she had been asked to double the turnover of her unit while 3 of the 7 members of her team had been fired or pre-pensioned without replacement. When she complained about it during assessments, she was given to understand that this was not the right attitude. Support allowed her to clarify the situation she was experiencing, and thus to act in consequence.
Yves felt guilty : since two years, he had been exactly where he had wanted to (in one of the world’s largest consultant firms). Yet he had been boring himself since 5 months …He had lost every motivation and was permanently questioning the meaning of his work. The more he was reasoning himself and trying to re-motivate himself, the harder it was for him to get up every morning. The coaching enabled him to establish that what was driving him was not the accomplishment in itself, but change and challenges. He consequently went on in his career, and realized that what he aspired to was not what he believed.
“With her intuitive and practical approach, Joëlle helped me identifying my capacities and my aspirations. Since, I am more serene, more realistic but also more ambitious. And this effort paid off as my career recently took a new turn. Furthermore, I enjoyed the professional and friendly atmosphere of our coaching sessions. To work with her was a real pleasure !”
D. Lagarde, Director Logistic Services AB Volvo